Saturday, May 26, 2007

Communication Blessing

I am preparing for the full moon next Thursday, May 31 (9:00 PM EST). One spell that I need to do is a communication blessing. I have my dissertation defense coming up soon and it will probably happen when Mercury is retrograde, so I'll need to work to offset that.

I am currently planning on making a philtre. Mercury rules 7:00 PM on Thursday, so that's what I will be aiming for.

Main ingredient is slippery elm powder: Mercury and Uranus, for a pleasing voice and the right words to say at the right time to say them.

Supported by:
Chervil Leaf: Mercury and Lunar, for clear thoughts with that kind of lunar intuitive aspect.

Eyebright: Mercury and Solar, for clear thoughts with that kind of solar/Apollonine prophetic aspect.

Laurel Leaf: Earth and Jupiter, Kick up the Apollonine influence - bay leaves are about Truth coming out, especially through words. Everyone always thinks of it in terms of blessings for court, but it is the leaf of Apollo, who is the voice of Truth, which, theoretically, is what the Justice system is supposed to be discovering and upholding. The Pythia (Priestess who was the Delphic Oracle) chewed on a laurel leaf as she went into trance. SO...I think that energy would be good to add since I want my work to support Truth and I want my words to support Truth.

Citrine Stone: Mercury. It can be good to have a stone in a philtre. Stones tend to have more stable vibrations. A piece of citrine can hold the specific programming of the intentions and keep that stability in the herbal mix.

As a philtre, I will wrap this all in orange silk or cotton (I need to get some) and then I will keep it with me when I go to defend my dissertation.

This should help me in other ways, too. Clear communication that articulates insights from the lunar and solar realms and is in service of Truth can't help but be good in many ways. I try to live by the maxim that all my words should be True, Kind, and Useful. I often fail, but I am trying.

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