Organizations to Fund

We need to be supporting the organizations who can be in this fight.

If you can give a recurring donation, that is best...even if it is not much.  It gives them reliable income and less money is required to be spent on raising money if the income is more reliable.

Many of our best options involve tying up attempted actions in the courts.  We will need those organizations who can mount legal oppositions to be well funded.  

Legal organizations that will fight in the courts
Organizations providing essential services that will need support
Organizing for the Mid-term
Regardless of whether or not we want a two-party system, we have a two party system.  The system is rigged in favor of the GOP as a result of the bulk of the Democrat population being in cities.  So, we need to support multiple things: The Democrats, but members of the GOP stand up against Trump, we will need to consider supporting them also.  We NEED a more moderate, sane GOP.

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