Sunday, July 7, 2019

Notes from Oracular Ritual with Apollon 7-7-2019

From the Oracular Ritual with Apollon Today:

The most important thing in relation to the climate catastrophe those of us who have the means can do is to buy food.  That is something that we can do as individuals that is desperately needed.  As He explained it, we know that there is the carbon cost of shipping food from far away.  Eating locally and sustainably will help with that.  But theater piece of this is that those of us who can afford it need to be building the economy for local food because we will soon be facing times in which we MUST have local food.  We need to make it possible for local farmers to earn a living and to build our local agricultural infrastructure because that is what will create the local region's ability to feed the people who currently cannot afford to buy local food.

There is urgency with this.

This is not a radical departure from what He has said before, but I am seeing more pieces of it than I was previously.  Also, we should all know our local politics and be talking food security at the very local city/county levels.  Even if you are out in one of the agricultural areas....can you actually live off what you grow or are there only cash crops?

These topics are at least as pressing as our current political turmoil.

The other thing is that He said that there are the four big countries (China, India, Russia, USA) that must ALL make headway on the climate in order to head off the worst of what we are potentially facing.  No one of these four can fail.  Our emissions climbed again because of Trump's regulatory rollbacks.  We need to hit on the local and state levels.

But as individuals...local food.

Some other messages that might be useful to others include:

  • Make a conscious effort to build your joy.  Living joyfully in these circumstances is an act of resistance.
  • Build into your daily routines a scan of your subtle physiology looking for tears, leaks, places where your edges are frayed, and any cords.  Use light to fix them.  We all know how to do this, but put it into your daily routines.  It needs to be like brushing your teeth.
  • Spend the last half an hour before you sleep doing something that you want to carry forward into your dreams...something that will increase your joy.
  • Worry doesn't help.  If you are worried about the well-being of others, gather a bunch of small stones and have a bowl.  Once a day, in the morning, put the intention of a blessing towards whoever it is you tend to worry about into the stone, but as a blessing.  Then put the stone into the bowl.  When you feel worry arise, viscerally remember the stone that you held that morning and put in the bowl and put energy into that stone.
  • We absolutely must spend more time doing visionary work imagining what kind of society we want to have...we need to build that vision.  It is not merely an absence of bad.
  • SLOW DOWN!!!  We are rushing through our lives to the level where we are not experiencing them.  Slow down.  You will also be surprised at how much you actually get done when you slow down.

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