Saturday, August 12, 2017

What if Reincarnation is Real?

This post is a contemplation concerning the practical ramifications of reincarnation and how it should affect our priorities if we take it seriously.


Kristi said...

This is interesting. There are many who are not overly concerned with the state of the planet because they believe it is the problem of the generations to come. If we are the generations to come how will the thinking change, and will this change in thinking bring about a change in course of action? Toward the end it was mentioned viewing the lower cultural standards and were those acceptable. I thought on this, then realized I was only thinking with regard to the U.S. As stated we can return to any culture, so this brought me to think is it then OK to put my beliefs on other societies in an attempt to have them form to what I believe is a more acceptable standard, and if so does this mean it is also acceptable for other cultures to do the same? To what extent do we attempt to create a better tomorrow? How does one decide what is a task for this lifetime and what should be left for the next?

Gwendolyn said...

Thank you! I'm glad it was thought-provoking. As for your question about other societies, I think that is really worth thinking deeply about, but at the same time, I feel like I have responsibility here because this is where I am. But I also don't believe in total moral relativism. I am comfortable standing up and saying that I believe a whole lot of things are immoral. The areas that I am most hopeful is in the negotiation and enunciation of international the United Nations Declaration on Human Rights and then holding cultures accountable to those. As for trying to decide the tasks for this lifetime...that is really the big question I am hoping people will contemplate, so THANK YOU! I think it has to be determined individually...but I would say that each of us should strive to die with further developed virtue than we were born with; with deeper friendships than we came in with and a less wounded heart. For how we contribute to the overall society, I look for intersections between: my talents, my situational power, the needs, my passion. When you can get the Venn diagram to match up on the intersection between all those things, that is where you will be effective. That goes to some of your earlier question, too. Whether or not it is appropriate for me to try to influence things in another society, I have the most situational power in my culture...and especially in my city, my university and the Pagan community. I will be more effective if I work for Good in those contexts.